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It Takes a Village...


The Community Group Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in Baltimore, Maryland. It became operational in April 2019. The company is involved in numerous aspects of the human service field, with a primary focus on opportunity youth, adults, and families.

It Takes a Village...


The Community Group Inc. was founded by three African American males, Taavon James, Bernard Haynes and Eric Gilliam, who grew up in the inner city of Baltimore.


All three experienced firsthand the devastation and dysfunction directly resulting from a lack of positive leadership and role models, and a lack of access to resources within the community.


They also saw the struggle and challenges that came with homelessness, poverty, domestic violence, mental illness, and substance abuse. Through the hard work and dedication of family and friends, the three of them were able to overcome the negative influences that they faced each day as they walked out their homes.

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